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How to clean and maintain electronic cigarette atomizer

Atomizer, which is a component of electronic cigarette smoke, has a heavy load on the daily use of electronic cigarettes. Electric cigarette small atomizer also needs to be preserved and cleaned so that the car needs periodic oil change for maintenance. To ensure that the atomizer is hygienic, it can also improve the quality of Atomizer's experience.

▲ The in-use atomizer needs to clean the condensate at any time

The use of an atomizer inevitably produces a condensate, which generally accumulates on the top of the bottle and smoke portion of the atomization bottle.

With the Drip Atomizer you can withdraw the atomizer at any time using paper towels or facial wipes. Dismantling of the completed atomizer is not as easy as drip atomizer. The condensate in the flue and hopper can be dropped downward in a common way like a thermometer.

Condensate may be aspirated if excess accumulation of condensate is not removed in time during use of the atomizer. Many users say that electronic cigarettes recommended cheap but absorb sweetness of mouth for a certain period of time. Condensate may be absorbed. At the same time, if too much condensate is present in the atomizing core, problems such as discoloration of cotton, coke and fried tofu will occur. It influences the life of the spray core.

▲ Washing method of finished atomizer

Many users will be wondering whether the finished atomizer will change the smell of smoke at the time of replacement. In the actual test, as long as there is no excess smoke in the warehouse, the finished atomization core still changes even after a change in smoke oil, a small number of mouthful smoke is mixed. If you replace the oil, you can clean the atomizer's smoke oil. If condition permits, the atomization core can also be exchanged directly.

When using the completed atomizer, we recommend that you disassemble and clean the atomizer every time you smoke one or two smoke oils. When washing beginners, it is necessary to pay attention to the condensate chamber and condensate washing of the flue. At the same time, the finished atomizer at the bottom of the inlet should also be aware of the cleaning of the liquid at the bottom of the atomizer.

You can choose the cleaning method according to the actual situation. The easiest way is to wipe with a paper towel or cotton cloth. Or rinse with clean water and wipe it off. The core of the finished product should not be rinsed with clean water. Also note that after cleaning or blowing dryers, you need to wipe other parts and dry them.

▲ How to clean the DIY atomizer

DIY atomizer has fewer cores than finished atomizer. It is cleaned more thoroughly, the DIY atomizer is disassembled and wiped directly. You can rinse with clean water or wipe it off after blowing away with a hair dryer. Conditional friends can also use ultrasonic cleaners for deep cleaning.

The frequency of cleanup depends on personal use. The drip atomizer can deeply clean the parts each time the coil is replaced. The RTA atomizer can decompose and remove the condensate after using one or two positions of the cigarette oil. If you need to replace the coil, please disassemble and wash.

Many users clean the DIY bomb smoke atomizer with coils with clean water. This method is not recommended for everyone to use. After testing, using water and quench coil, the rate of carbon deposition and rust is greater than the speed of the coil to dry coke.
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